Modelling and rigging a 3D leg

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In this lesson with Luke we learned how to properly model and rig a 3D leg. It was all about how we can parent the model to the joints/bones and also how it all connects up so that we can control the model. Although we did a leg we also were told that rigging can be used for props and scenery as well.

The way I now remember what way to parent the object to the joint is that the parent leads the child. The shortcut for parent is “P” on the keyboard.

Although we only did simple rigging we was also told a bit about skinning and how you must add weights to be able to control it.

Inverse Kinematics:

-The computer figures out the position of the joint.

-Translate the hand control and the elbow follows.

Forward Kinematics:

-computer calculates were the end effector is.

-Rotate the elbow control and the hand moves into position.


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