Arc Swing

Im very happy with how this turned out. It runs rather smoothly and you can see it clearly change the perspective of the object. It could circle round a lot better but that is something I have to consider the next time.

How I made this:


I started by drawing out the plan of the motion on the first layer. This is so I have that basic knowledge of how the ball will be swinging round and what the main perspective keys will be like.


I then keyed these main frames/ movements and drew a motion line. Its like the plan that I made but easier to see and also easier to map out the motion. The way I think of it is like a blockade for the ball. As long as it doesn’t go through it it should be a smooth motion.


I then started to work on the key frames in between the main frames. After this I carried on filling in the gaps until I had the full animation.


This is the final look on the motion path of the ball. It looks smooth but on the right side it looks a lot less smooth than the right. And also a couple of the frames aren’t the right size.

overall I think it come out well but I will definitely have to be more careful on the mapping of some of the keyframes.


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