Ball course

This is my bouncy ball obstacle course. I went with a more simple design as I am not that confident in Maya yet and this is my first time using the graph editor properly to animate. It went well but is a little jumpy at some parts.

Graph editor:

The graph editor is used to clean and even to fully animate in. I was only using it for cleaning at first but I found it easier animating in the graph editor. Next time I will try and do the full animation in the graph editor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are my finished lines in the editor. As I said it was a little jumpy at some points but that is because it just needs a lot more cleaning and maybe more frames. But in my opinion I think my graph is smooth and flows nicely. And The animation shows the smoothest points of the animation.

Overall I need to improve on using the graph editor and also remind myself to add more frames because when it comes to using the graph editor it makes so much easier to clean/animate.


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