Weighted ball practice

This is the practice we did for two differently weighted balls. The one on the left was meant to be 1LB and the one on the right was 1000LB. I did the calculations and were the 1000LB worked very well. The 1LB seemed to fall a bit to slow.

My calculations:

As I am not to good at maths and could not understand the actual formula I came up with a simplified version.

  1. I started by dropping a 1LB object from just 1 meter.
  2. I got 0.48 seconds from timing it and then times that by 20.
  3. I got 9 seconds so then I averaged the speed it would pick up on the way down.
  4. For 1LB I thought that 1.5 seconds would be about right and that 0.5 would be about right for the 1000LB

After doing this and animating it. I would definitely change the fall time of the 1LB object to about 1 second or even 0.8 seconds.


If you compare the motion path of these two you can see that the 1LB path is close together at the start but instead of getting further away it stayed compacted together. Were as the motion path is close together for the first 2-3 frames and then get more spaced as the ball drops down. Which is the way I wanted both of them to be like.

Overall I liked how my animation came out but I need to improve on the calculation part of this animation because the 1LB falls more like a feather.


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