Ball Jump

I learned how to make a ball jump. We had to animate a ball squatting down, launching into the air and then landing again.

This is the first video of the ball.

This is just a basic hand drawn video of the ball jumping in the air. We just used the squash and stretch technique to do the bounce but without the drop. We also used the tuft on its head to show the motion better and also to make what I did next easier.

If you notice, the ball now jumps towards the camera. I did this by going into the perspective view which turns it into a 3D plain. I then put a peg on the layer which helps make a straight motion of the object and keyed the eighth or tenth frame as the object far away then I made a key on the twentieth frame and dragged the object forward to get the look of it jumping to the camera.

I then changed the path into a curve so it still jumped instead of glided.

I then added a bit of camera movement just to get a feel for the way yo use the cameras in toon boom.

Overall I liked how this animation came out. And I also think the movement is really smooth and makes sense.


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