Ball and Tail

For this we had to combine what we did in our first lessons about the squash and stretch of the bouncing ball. And we also had to combine it with the lesson on the pendulum, that was all about arcs and how an swinging object follows through.


We was given a simple pre made model (Picture above) And our task was to animate it jumping across the rocks (also pre made) And if we wanted to we could animate it coming back.

Above is my blocked movement of the animation. This is what I had after adding the main keyframes and a couple of break downs. And then I slightly tweaked it in the graph editor.

As you may notice the tail stays still at the end of the sequence. This is because I some how broke the main movement of the tail and I did not want to play around with it and end up ruining the whole thing.

This is my final video. It took me a while to tweak a few things in the graph editor for all the different handles on the model. But over all I think it come out very clean and smooth. There was some parts in it that were a bit jumpy and also the broken tail at the end but they are just things for me to improve on the next time I do this.


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