Lost Ball animation

In this task. We was told to use our knowledge of arcs to create a short animation of a ball looking side to side as if it is lost.

In my opinion I get the feeling that is looking around but I was not that convinced he was lost. Because of this I added the extra bit at the end were his head slumps down as if to show he is sad.

Also because I finished the animation quicker than I had originally thought I also added a simple background into it. I chose a forest to further give it that feeling that he is lost and looking for a way out.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 14.53.34.png

Overall I like how the animation turned out. It flows well at the end (on second look) and also you do get the sense that it is lost. The things I would point out is that on the first look it is rather jumpy and maybe a bit to slow. So next time I will have to be careful with my timing.


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