Mac the sac jump

This is my Mac the sac jump animation which I did in the 90 minute time frame we was given. This was to test our time management skills and also how we perform under pressure.

The task was to animate the sac jumping. We had to start with the rough key frames. Then add the in between in rough. And lastly we had to clean up the lines on the animation. The reason I added the trampoline was because I was happy enough with the animation and i still had 10 minutes left.

My favourite key moments/frames in this animation are as follows…..


I really like this frame because we have a good extreme set up for the jump and also because the drawing actually looks like he is bent over ready to jump.


This frames I like because it shows the stretch of the sac as he takes of into the air (like the squash and stretch technique.


The reason I like this frame is because it shows the exact moment that his heavy bottom has caught up with his top as he starts to slow down in the air.


My vote for best jump animation in the class would have to be for Dan Gilbey. This is because I thought he had executed the jump really well.


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