My 3D animation walk

My first attempt at this walk I actually did before the lesson s I could see how accurate I could get my walk in terms of my walking reference footage.

The play blast of the blocking looked good but I noticed that it bobs slightly more at the beginning but the end looks like the closest to the original reference.

After tweaking the animation in the graph editor I ended up with my final walk.

I thought that it had come out rather well for my first attempt but it still bobbled a bit to much.

When I had got into class we did the exact same thing, but this time we used a simpler model. This model only had a torso and legs to move so it was a lot easier to get a cleaner animation.

After seeing the play blast of the blocked walking animation I was very happy with it and I decided to take it into the graph editor.

After a while of tweaking and making a few improvements in the graph editor I was left with this…..

I am very happy with how this had turned out. The steps are clean and the movement is rather fluent. Also the body moves smoothly with the legs and there are no large jumps or bobbles.

The thing I need to remember to do next time though is to add lights so it is easier to see the animation and also make the pacing a bit better as the walk is rather slow.


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