Production 3D notes 28/09/2016

  • Placing joints and bones in to a character.
  • These joints can be parented to curves for controlling the character.
  • Rigging can be used for props and scenery as well.


  • Parenting attaches an object to another object/ joint.
  • The parent object leads the child.
  • Shortcut= ‘P’


  • Skinning merges the parent to child.
  • Skinning must have weights to be controlled.


  • Inverse Kinematics:
  • The computer figures out the position of the joint.
  • Translate the elbow control and the hand follows.


  • Forward Kinematics:
  • Computer calculates were the end affect-or is.
  • Rotate the elbow control and the hand moves in to position.


  • If something is touching the floor IK it.


  • Rigging tools:
  • Skeleton-joint tool
  • Human IK- prebuilt skeleton rig that can be used on most characters.
  • Skinning- smooth and rigid binding.
  • Once rigged, helps to animate in a character set.


  • Lighting in 3D:
  • Volume, area, directional, spot, ambient, point.
  • Each has there own settings

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