3D walk cycle (a bit faster)

After showing my lecturer and getting feedback and tips on how to make my animation better he gave me these things to improve on….

  1. make the walk a bit faster because the old one moves to slow.
  2. make sure to use the foot roll options in the object editor to get a fluent movement.
  3. Make sure the model is visible on video.

After I had taken these improvements to mind. I started by cleaning all the keys and practically starting again. I made sure to time the animation better this time and made each step 12 fps (half a second) I also played around more with the foot options like roll foot and toe roll. This gives it a smooth movement and makes it less stiff. Lastly I realised that to get a brighter background all I had to do was use a colour matt in premiere.

I like how my second attempt came out. It is a lot smoother and is not as slow. The only problem I have with it is that I think the movement is to fast now.


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