Log line. My ideas

What is a log line?

A. A short description (around 26 words) which brings in more info about the character and the story.

My ideas:

  1. Mike is one of the people that stayed on earth even though the moon is now earth two. But he really needs to get there because he has found out his ex wife has had his child.
  2. Tom, Scott and Chad are three frat dudes that are watching football. When they open the mini fridge during halftime there is only one beer left. And this causes and argument.
  3. Tim and John are on a crumbling piece of earth that is about to fall into a volcano. And during telling each other there biggest mess ups in life. John tells Tim he slept with his wife.
  4. Carole has no money to buy her makeup in a shop. So she tries using her children Jimmy, Timmy and Bob as payment.
  5. Tom finds out from Doctor Docturlingface that he has a new disease that makes his arms grow five times there normal size. They have no idea why but it only does it when he is too focused.
  6. James suffers from a long lasting depression but hides it away from the outside world. And this just follows the last week of his life and what he feels during this time.

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