My story premise ideas

What is a premise?

A: A short sentence explaining the concept behind a film/ show.

My Ideas:

  1. Man finds out that he has a child with his ex wife. The only problem is that she has moved to the moon. (based on a film I watched once. I believe it is called second earth)
  2. Three lads argue about who should get the last beer in the fridge. (Just a though I got from seeing how frat students are like in american films)
  3. Guy tells his other friend he had sex with his wife before plummeting into a volcano. (reminds me of one of tomskas short sketches)
  4. Women try to use her children as payment in a shop. (No explanation for this idea)
  5. Guy gets told he has a new disease that makes your arms grow really big and he gets told to name it.
  6. A man suffering from depression. And his last week before his demise. (I got this idea after watching the film Filth. Because of the twist at the end)

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