Model progress 2

On the next part of the model making process I had to delete half the model and then duplicate special it to the other side. This is so that that I could start working/ focusing on one side and it mirrors it on the other.

The first thing I started working on after this was building the basic shape for the leg. This included extruding it and crating edge loops to get the starting shape.


Also as you can see I have started working on the feet as well. I did this by just extruding from the foot and shaping the block shape in the side view.


After doing the leg and the feet I moved on to creating the basic shape for the arms and also setting up to create the hands. I did this by extruding out from the torso and adding a couple of edge loops to give the arms more of a round and refined shape.



Overall It went well. The only problem is that fro some reason some parts of the model, when I change them, they are separate and I can’t find a way to fix it.


This is a shot I took when I tried to shrink the torso. What had happened is that only one part moved and the shape on the torso did not change together. So I’m going to have to seek help on how to fix this from Luke so I can then fix it.


Day one model progress

Today I started the modelling process for a model made on a tutorial. screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-22-57-39

I started by creating planes and putting the them to the dimensions seen above. And then I went on to create blinn’s for each of the planes and attaching them to the planes to get my reference images.


I did this by going into windows>Rendering Editors>Hypershade.

I then went on to start the modelling process. I started by making a simple cube. I then changed the colour to a transparent green and added a hard lined border. I then went on to use the extrude tool and the vertex mover to start to shape it to the body.

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After this I started to build the shape up even more by creating edge loops and building a better frame on the body. To get insert edge loop tool… Mesh Tools>Insert edge loop.

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After I had built a rather basic frame for the body I started to build up the head by using the extrude tool to build out from the neck. I then started to select the edges and move, shrink to get a more refined head shape.

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After this I did some extra touches and then the video had finished for part 1 of the modelling process.

I can say that I like how the model is starting to take shape and also it’s not to far of from the model in the video. The only thing I could of done better was getting closer to the shape of the guys model in the video but it does not have to be so exact.


Short Script practice- You’re Fired!

We had to write a short script on the theme of someone firing another person and how that would play out. We had to do this in a team of two and I worked with Joe Sykes from my animation class. We did ours as a kind of comedic short of a normal boss trying to inform a stupid staff member that has been let go/ fired.

The script:


After we did this we were told that we had to re-write it but this time. Its a family member or a loved one getting fired or is doing the firing. So for our one we did it so that the son is the manager of the company and he is firing his dad.