Finishing the Model

Although I had problems with the pelvis of the model and that it had come apart from the legs. I decided to carry on with the model so that when I get help with the problem I still have a full model ready.

The tutorial started me back off creating the hands. I started by extruding certain points of the hand and using the vertex to create different shapes until I had created a basic hand shape (kind of like how I did the feet.

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I then separated the first finger from the model by selecting Mesh>Extract to separate the finger so that I could copy over and shape the other fingers so I did not have to waste to much time extruding and shaping.


After this I went on to combine all the fingers to the main object and attached them to the main mesh using Mesh Tool> Append to polygon.

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After that all I had to do was straighten and clean some of the parts of the mesh.

Doing this also made me re visit what I had done earlier with the broken pelvis. I decided to try and do what I had done with the fingers using the Mesh tool>Append to polygon. So I found the breaks and the parts that overlapped, deleted them and re attached them using the append tool. And luckily it actually worked. So I smoothed the model and added a shaded colour to it so you could see this process.

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After I had sorted this out I started to add extra edge loops so that when it came to rigging the model it would have more joints to mend to.

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The Last part of this now was checking over and smoothing the body. I had to smooth the neck and shape it and I also did the same with the shoulders. After this I smoothed it once more and I was happy with it.

To finish it off I went to duplicate special, created a copy of the right side (mirrored) and combined the two objects together.

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The biggest thing I learned doing this is not to stop doing something just because its inconvenient. With the groin/ pelvis problem I managed to find a solution and used that to fix my current problem.



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