The leap (Directed by Dan Gilbey)

In our first group session we started by getting to grips with our groups. In my group/team is:

-Anthony Benwell (me)

-Dan Gilbey

-Joe Sykes

-Louise O,shea

This session was mainly just for talking and starting to sign the roles for the creation of our animation. We are doing this because we have been given four different animations and have decided what one each of us shall do. I have chosen to do ‘The Fight’. Dan is doing ‘The Leap’, Joe is doing ‘The Chase’ and Louise is doing ‘The Plea’.


The Roles assigned:

Dan Gilbey 

  • Director
  • Key animator
  • Character designer

Anthony Benwell 

  • Editing+ render
  • Breakdowns
  • Script writer

Joe Sykes 

  • Sound director
  • Story writer
  • In-betweens


  • Assistant Director
  • Layout artist
  • Visual Development artist

And we are all taking part in the story boards.

Lastly we created a calendar with dates on for when we plan to do and finish things. I will upload it soon but I need to get that off Dan Gilbey.


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