Joe sykes story and Louise Backgrounds for the Leap (Directed by Dan Gilbey)

While me and Dan was working on the Key frames. Joe and Louise had there own jobs to do.

Joe had to write out the story concept  and he has started to research ways we can change the characters style.

Joes written out story:



Louise had created two backgrounds painted and finalised in photoshop (for reference in MAYA)


The first one she created was of a rocky canyon at night. We was going to have a darker story were she just jumps into an abyss and this is the original environment thought. We scrapped this idea after a while.


This second one is of our decided animation were she just jumps into water below in a canyon. We went with this as it was less depressing.

Louise has also created a 3D environment but the file she sent me won’t open so I will have to get it from her next time we meet up.


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