Key framed animation and camera set up for The Leap (Directed by Dan Gilbey)

Dan had asked me to help him get the key frames done for Friday to show our progress to Dan (Teacher).

We halted the work so we could get it done quicker and more effectively. I made the first three shots Keyframes. And Dan did the last two(I will upload them once I get them from him)

The first one I created was for the beginning were she walks towards the edge of the cliff. I set up the camera so she starts in a mid shot and ends on a close up shot.


The second animation  I created was a simple shot of her looking over the cliff edge. For this I used an over the shoulder shot to show the drop from her perspective.


Lastly I finished of my parts of the Key framing by doing the part were she steps back from the edge. The shot I chose to use was a dutch angle/ slanted angle. This is to give it a distorted feel (and I wanted to throw in a different camera shot.


I have given them to the rest of the group and we are all going to carry on working together to create the final piece.


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