Performance piece (drunk walk)

For my performance piece after a while of looking up and filming reference footage I decided to do a drunk walk.

Before I made this decision I filmed some reference footage with friends and cut down the potential animations to, two.

Although I liked these I decided to look through some already filmed reference footage on youtube and I found one that I liked a lot more.

I used this as reference and used the free Mery Rig to animate the scene. Although I found out after that it would have been easier to use the Stuart rig from animation mentor.


I made one version from a standard side shot and one from a slanted camera I set up in the scene.

I am very pleased with how it has turned out and also happy that the timing is right as I normally struggle with the timing.

I showed it to Luke to see what he thought and he also said my timings gotten a lot better now. The only things he said I could improve on is the first step as it feels to light for a drunk person and also said to add more movement to the arm so that it gives it more to the performance piece.


Staging (environments)

In this lesson Dan taught us about how we can stage/ time animations of backgrounds ready for our characters to interact with them.

For this Dan showed us how useful it is to plan out the animation using a timeline. This is so we plot out the characters course of action and at what points it will interact with the environment.

Before I made this animation I had a much better one but I lost the file so I put together a more simple version of it. I thought the animation timeline worked very well at predicting when it would interact. The only thing I thought could be better was the timing at the end as it goes to quickly.

Measuring Times

In this lesson with Dan we was looking at timing and how changing the spacing between keyframes can speed up or slow down an animation.

In this Dan wanted to give us a better understanding of how timing works in an animation. And the main way to do this is to create a animation timeline planning out the frames and using this to plot out the keyframes to animate to.

The Leap (first half)

This is the half finished video of our first short animation directed by Dan Gilbey.

I edited the first half of the animation from demand of Dan. He asked me to compile the first half at least because the second half files he was working on got corrupted. So I compiled the first half so that its ready for the other parts of the animation I am waiting for.

Straight from looking at the first half you can see what works and also what doesn’t work. If I could choose one thing I like and one thing I dislike. I like first walk (up to the edge) as I feel that at the moment this is the strongest part of the animation. And the one thing I dislike is the step back from the edge as the legs move in an odd way.

The problem I had when editing this was when I got the walk back cycle from Joe. The knees didn’t lift when stepping back and instead the went in on themselves. I managed to fix it slightly. ┬áBut because of the time crunch I could only fix it to an extent.

Although its not finished yet I feel like for our first group animation it has gone rather well.

Thanks to…

Joe Sykes

Dan Gilbey

Louise O’shea