Performance piece (drunk walk)

For my performance piece after a while of looking up and filming reference footage I decided to do a drunk walk.

Before I made this decision I filmed some reference footage with friends and cut down the potential animations to, two.

Although I liked these I decided to look through some already filmed reference footage on youtube and I found one that I liked a lot more.

I used this as reference and used the free Mery Rig to animate the scene. Although I found out after that it would have been easier to use the Stuart rig from animation mentor.


I made one version from a standard side shot and one from a slanted camera I set up in the scene.

I am very pleased with how it has turned out and also happy that the timing is right as I normally struggle with the timing.

I showed it to Luke to see what he thought and he also said my timings gotten a lot better now. The only things he said I could improve on is the first step as it feels to light for a drunk person and also said to add more movement to the arm so that it gives it more to the performance piece.


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