3D Group work Part 1

For this we have been tasked to all work as a group to make three individual pieces of short animation. But the way it is done is we start with a animation each and pass it around till completion in a couple of weeks.

I was put in a group with Hannah and Sophie from my class. I chose to start with Long jump, Hannah chose shot put and Sophie chose Javelin.

For the first one I had to set up the scene, import reference footage and then block the animation in rough.

Reference footage:


From this footage I created the short Key framed animation.


I thought for a rough it is very thorough and moves very close to the time of the video. Although it is a rough, the only problems with it is the timing on some of the steps of the run.

This has been handed to Sophie and I will receive Hannah’s work to polish.


Find someone new!

For this we have been asked over the next week to look and find new and different artists. This can be physical or digital artists or both. The aim is to find new people and study there work so I can further my skill and knowledge of digital art.