Research material for my TV episode

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 15.53.08.png

I chose to do the boy who gets lost in the forest but if that idea runs dry I do the idea about the villain who has a normal/ boring job.

The idea came from a silly Log Line me and Joe Sykes made in class.

Class Log Line: A Teen boy gets lost in the forest and eats a magic mushroom. From then his destiny awakens to save the forest from the evil tree men.

I decided to change it slightly to suit a younger audience.

I am looking at a couple of different animations like adventure time and amazing world of gumball for ideas.

Example of adventure times story process:

This helps me see how they write for there audience.


Rigging my model part 1

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This is the start of the rigging process of completing my model. Once I had finished the model I then went on to rigging it so that I had a model I could animate with.

I first started of by setting the bones for the left leg. I did this by using the bone tool to create joints in the main areas of movement. I moved this in place and adjusted it slightly. I then created a separate joint for the hips and parented the left leg to the hip joint. I then Mirrored them over but had to change the settings:

  • Mirror across= YZ
  • Mirror function=Behaviour
  • Search for= L_
  • Replace with= R_

After I had done this and positioned it correctly I then created the basic bones for the left arm of the model. I made sure I parented the joints up so smaller joints would follow the larger joints.

Secondly I went on to create the spine. I started by creating a joint in the middle of the chest, around the middle of the shoulder blades and parented the left arm to it. After this I created a bone joint all the way from the thigh joint up to the top of the head. Once I had done this I mirrored the left arm like I had done with the legs. I then went on to go up the spine and parent the bones from top to bottom. Once this was done and in place. I hit smooth bind to attach the skin to my rig so I could move the skin with the rig. Then I created IK handles for the legs and the arms. This is like putting a bit of string in between the top of leg and foot like tendons.

Lastly I thought I would end the first part by creating the handles. I did this by creating a circle using shape tool and duplicated them. I snapped them to both ankles and both wrists. I then had to point constrain and orient constrain them. I did this by selecting the right leg control and the right leg IK and then point constrained them. After this I selected the right foot and the controller and hit orient constrain. I did the same process for both the arms and the left leg.



First part of the animation (Home alone)

After it was all decided we went our separate ways and started working on our individual characters.

I went from the story boards and also shot some reference footage for timing.

Firstly I wanted to look at the set up of environment and characters. I created a large set of steps kind of like from the clip and then positioned the characters in it before sending the base file of to everyone.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 23.29.39.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-18 at 23.30.52.png

Its very basic but I did not want to make it to complicated. Also I used the stewart rg just because I was having trouble putting the other rigs into the program.

Just to warn about the cringe that is coming. what I like to call reference footage.

After I create this I made my first animation. I would include the blocked video but it did not save correctly so that is no more. But I do have the almost finished piece. (for part 1)

Its not bad. The timing is rather good and also its not to jumpy. All it needs is some tweaking and opinions for improvement. Also I need to make the object detach from arm to create the flying object.

New group task

Today we was set a new group task. My group consists of me, Michael (not sure on spelling) and Dan Gilbey.

We was asked to find a short sound clip from any form of media. As the 2 other people in my group were not present I made the decision myself to use a clip from home alone.

This is the audio clip I had chosen for our group.

I wanted to keep it similar to the original clip so I decided it would be were the two people are walking upstairs and the one guy at the top of the stairs throws a bucket or something alike at them.

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Although they are not the best storyboards they give you the basic layout and idea.

I decided to animate the Dark blue character on storyboards. Dan is doing the red character and Michael is doing the green.