Rigging my model part 1

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This is the start of the rigging process of completing my model. Once I had finished the model I then went on to rigging it so that I had a model I could animate with.

I first started of by setting the bones for the left leg. I did this by using the bone tool to create joints in the main areas of movement. I moved this in place and adjusted it slightly. I then created a separate joint for the hips and parented the left leg to the hip joint. I then Mirrored them over but had to change the settings:

  • Mirror across= YZ
  • Mirror function=Behaviour
  • Search for= L_
  • Replace with= R_

After I had done this and positioned it correctly I then created the basic bones for the left arm of the model. I made sure I parented the joints up so smaller joints would follow the larger joints.

Secondly I went on to create the spine. I started by creating a joint in the middle of the chest, around the middle of the shoulder blades and parented the left arm to it. After this I created a bone joint all the way from the thigh joint up to the top of the head. Once I had done this I mirrored the left arm like I had done with the legs. I then went on to go up the spine and parent the bones from top to bottom. Once this was done and in place. I hit smooth bind to attach the skin to my rig so I could move the skin with the rig. Then I created IK handles for the legs and the arms. This is like putting a bit of string in between the top of leg and foot like tendons.

Lastly I thought I would end the first part by creating the handles. I did this by creating a circle using shape tool and duplicated them. I snapped them to both ankles and both wrists. I then had to point constrain and orient constrain them. I did this by selecting the right leg control and the right leg IK and then point constrained them. After this I selected the right foot and the controller and hit orient constrain. I did the same process for both the arms and the left leg.




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