Showreel 2016-2017


Louise The Plea

As time was coming to the end we moved on from the fight and onto the Plea. Louise is the director and her idea is it opens outside a church. You go through the church into a room were a women is on here knees praying.


Louise- Character sketches, storyboard and keyframes.

Me-Editing and breakdowns.

Joe-Environments and in-betweens.

Dan- Environments.

Story boards:

The plea storyboard.png

The backgrounds:

church environmentScreen Shot 2017-05-26 at 00.55.39


After Louise had done all the Keyframes and got the environments from Joe and Dan and put them in the scene. Because of time sake I started editing what we had.

The Plea final:


It is a really cool idea and you can already see it taking shape from the storyboards to the current edit of the animation.

Get Up Animation Finish

Once I had the planning I put together some storyboards to create the keyframes from. Once again I sourced the reference footage from Youtube (mainly because I cant dance) and I cut it down to six seconds.


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Reference Footage:


Animation Keyframed:

I then finished this process by filling the frames a bit more and adding the sound track I had gotten over the top.

Final Get Up:

This was my final animation. I really like the way it had turned out. It is smooth and you can easily define what the movement is and also the fluidity of the animation is so close to the original footage. I wish I had more time to add the character from the design but it is something to remember for the next time.

Walk Animation

For this animation I decided I would do this in Maya as well as The Creep animation. Once again I started this by getting reference footage. This time I sourced it from Youtube as it is better laid out. I also did the storyboards of the keyframes in the animation.


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Reference footage:




Final Animation:


When I started splining this I was worried that it wouldn’t come out well but once I had started editing in the animation editor it started taking the shape of how I wanted it to be. The only problem I had with it was as it goes into the second step just because it seems to pause slightly before finishing the step.

Creep Animation

I decided to do my creep animation in Maya along with my walk animation. I started by filming reference footage for the animation and then created some simple storyboard’s for the keyframes.


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Reference footage:

After this I made the key poses in Maya. I decided to smooth it while animating just because I found it easier to plan out the next pose. And also so I could fix mistakes early and have an easier time later.

Smooth Playblast:


Final Video:


I think this went rather well and I followed my reference very closely. Also you can tell what the movement is because of how the timing works with the different poses. The only thing I would change is the speed difference in the first step and the second as I feel it moves to fast at the start.


Final Land animation

This is my final animation for the superhero landing. I managed to add the the character design over it and also added a bit of colour so you could define certain aspects of the animation.

I really like this animation and how the timing is well done and also now I have added the character over the top it looks a bit more official and finished. I wish I had more time to add more colour and some background colour/ detail.

My finished home alone part

This is my finished home alone shot for the animating to sound group work we was set. Sadly I don’t have any of the other files from my group as they are still working on them so I just edited the sound over the part that I have done.

It goes well over the sound clip but there is a few problems with it. The movement when he throws the can seems a bit to robotic and not exaggerated enough. And also I got the timing on the can hitting the guy wrong so now the can floats through the air until impact.


Anthony Benwell The Fight (Part 2)

I started this of by putting the storyboards into ToonBoom and drawing out all the keyframes and the basic camera movement on the first two frames.

Key framed:


Also at the same time Destiny had finished the environments for the background. Once I had these I put them all into a file and passed them over to Joe to do the breakdowns and I also asked him to start the in-betweens as well.

Louise Background’s:

buil+sky1building 1Pground 1

Anthony Benwell The Fight (part 1)

I started of by working along side Dan G to create the character designs and also to do the storyboards. While I was doing this Louise started on the backgrounds and Joe was just finishing some work of from before.


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Little guy character designs:

Big guy character designs:



Anthony Benwell The Fight (Meeting and Roles)

It was now my turn to create an animation and I had chosen to do my animation in 2D.


Two people in thew play ground. Big guy vs small guy. The big guy flicks the small guy in the forehead and upsets him. The small guy winds back a punch and hits the big guy so hard that he fly’s off.


Me- Little guy character design. Storyboards, Keyframes and if no one else can do it. Final editing.

Dan- Big guy designs, in-between’s and story idea write up.

Joe- Breakdowns and script.

Louise- Backgrounds.