Film Script Idea and research


  • Women and her boyfriend get stuck in an elevator (like 127 hours)
  • A man who lives in isolation (from a practice I did) 
  • An ex-assassin gets one more job. But kills and FBI agent by accident.
  • Teenager sells soul to the devil but has his wish turned around.

My chosen idea to take forward is going to be the Isolation idea but once again my back up idea will be the teenager sells his soul idea.

Luckily with the isolation idea we had touched upon it already in class.

Isolation notes already:

  • A man that lives in a cabin which stands alone in the mountains.
  • James is a mountain man who lives a normal and isolated life. It follows him and how isolation can be a blessing and a curse.

Scene 1 idea breakdown-

  1. Opens with James sat at a table eating some form of meat (That he has caught that day)
  2. He gets up and walks to the sink,puts his plate down and picks up an old and tattered note book.
  3. Walks back to the table and begins to write. Starts to talk about loneliness while writing.
  4. Ponderes what he has talked about before moving on to next activity.

These are just notes but it is something to go on.


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