Log lines for scripts and step by story outlines

TV Show (Champion of the forest-Working title)

Log line:

When a teen gets lost in the forest and is forced to eat bark to stay alive. But what does he do when the bark opens doors to his destiny.

Pilot episode breakdown:

  1. Gets separated from his camping friends and lost in the forest.
  2. In desperate hunger he eats bark as he heard it is safe.
  3. Hears a voice from somewhere. Finds out that the voice is coming from a squirrel and freaks out.
  4. Once calm the squirrel says his name is Acorn and if he needs help he should talk to the ancient tree.
  5. Goes to the ancient tree and gets told his secret destiny that he is the only one that can save the forest from the torment of the evil tree men.
  6. Learns he can turn anything in nature into weapons and can get special skills from them.
  7. Starts his adventure, joined by Acorn.
  8. Gets to the opening of the first boss’s cave and thats were the episode ends.


Film (Isolation)

Log line:

A man who lives in isolation with pure serenity and calm. But is isolation actually a blessing or a curse.

Film Breakdown:

  1. Starts with him in his house doing his normal night routine. Narration while he writes in his journal.
  2. Next day while chopping wood he is attacked by a large bear. His do g fends of the bear but at the cost of his life.
  3. Now he is completely alone and has had his soul shattered.
  4. Goes out to hunt the bear for revenge.
  5. Encounters hard ships and is attacked by a pack of wolves. Suddenly out of nowhere a large silver wolf comes and fends the other wolves off. It disappears into the night.
  6. He wakes up in the hospital having being saved by a man on the trail.
  7. 2 years have passed and he is now a top selling author.


Short Film (mans last week)

Log Line:

This follows a man named James last week of life. It shows his hardships and problems which really open you’re eyes.


  1. The first day eases you into the characters daily life/routine. It also introduces the characters for the story and the places.
  2. The next day is his life getting gradually worse and facing even bigger problems. It also allows you to know more about the homeless man.
  3. On the last day is the big ending. He gets fired, the homeless man has had an accident. This leads him to him ending his life. (A bit depressing but I didn’t want this to have a happy ending)

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