Treatment (Film script)

Title: Isolation

Genre: Drama and Action

Target audience: 15+ (not for the feint of heart and wouldn’t appeal to much to a younger audience)

Scope: Due Tuesday 2nd May 2017


James- Age 38. A typical outdoors man. Well built and physically fit. His back story is that his wife passed away two years before leaving him with there dog Max. A kind man but is serious when he needs to be.

Max- Age 7. James’s dog. Loyal, kind and friendly. James only friend.


James is an amateur novelist who moved to the mountains with his dog Max after his wife had passed away a few years before. He moved there to get his isolation to focus on writing. But peace isn’t so easy to get.


An amateur novelist lives in the mountains to experience ultimate isolation. But is isolation really that easy of a thing to have.



  1. He is going by his normal nightly routine.
  2. Narration as he try to write more on his novel.
  3. Next day he is cutting trees in the wood.
  4. A bear appears and attacks but he gets into his house.
  5. The bear breaks in and attacks James.
  6. Max jumps in and bites the bear. the Bear flings max across the room and fleas.
  7. Max dies in James’s arms.


  1. James is stood over Mak’s fresh grave.
  2. At night he is sat down trying to write.
  3. The next day he packs up a backpack and leaves the house with a hunting rifle to get revenge on the bear.
  4. James is met with a sudden blizzard.
  5. He gets attacked by a pack of grey wolfs and they seriously injure him.
  6. Suddenly a silver wolf comes out of nowhere and scares the others of.


  1. James wakes up in the hospital having been picked up by a hiker on the trail.
  2. Two years pass and James is giving a lecture on his best selling book.

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