Treatment (short film script)

Title: Mans Last Week

Genre: Drama

Target audience: 18 and over ( Its a very touchy subject and would not be suitable for younger viewers)

Scope: Due Tuesday 2nd May 2017


James- Age 26. A very shy and introverted person. He hasn’t got many friends but he does have a crush on Susan. He is of average size and weight. Rather normal looking except for his Harry Potter like glasses.

Susan- Age 25. A very happy person. Always sees the good in people and secretly likes James back. Smaller girl with light red hair. Very beautiful and wears a very formal/ casual business suit.

Scott- Age 28. A very mean and egotistical person. Always picks on James just to get laugh’s out of his dumb followers. Rather pointy nose and has been described to have the hiss of a snake.

George- Age 52. A very kind and cheerful person. Although he is living on the streets he doesn’t let it get him down. Also a very wise man. Long silver beard. Looks like gandolf but in old raid sports gear.


A story that revolves around the character James and how one week )more like a couple of day) leads up to him killing himself. Is it all in our heads or do people put it there for us to think upon.


Follow the last week of a depressed man and how certain people lead to his ultimate downfall.



  1. Starts on the first day.
  2. You are introduced to George first who plays the role of a friend to James.
  3. When he gets to the office you meet Scott (the bully)
  4. After that you meet Susan.


  1. next day starts with George being nice again.
  2. When he gets to work he sees that all his papers have gone missing and its obvious Scott did it.
  3. Susan asks him if he wants to go out with her and a few friends. Scott interrupts and James leaves the conversation.
  4. James is sat in the office re-doing work after it has closed.


  1. He wakes up to a letter for eviction.
  2. He then finds out that the night before George got into a confrontation with someone and was stabbed to death.
  3. When he gets to work he sees that there is porn playing on his computer and is called into the managers office were he is then fired.
  4. On the way out Scott and his goons are laughing.
  5. James gets home and starts drinking whiskey.
  6. He then gets a rope but you can’t see what he’s doing.
  7. The camera pans around apartment mid pan you hear a rope tighten and when it gets back to the sot of James. All you can see is his feet dangling in the air.




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