Treatment (TV Pilot)

Title: Champion Of The Forest

Genre: Action and Adventure

Target Audience: Young teens (7+ because it can be for a varied audience)

Scope: Script to be made for Tuesday 2nd May 2017


Ian- Age 16. Not a very outgoing person. At home he is a huge shut in and only likes to play video games. Rather tall and skinny (in between skinny and a normal build) When he was younger he used to do Karate.

Acorn-Age ?. Very hyper and happy all the time. Has secrets that will slowly be revealed throughout the episodes. He is also a squirrel that has an ancient prophecy to see the forest champion on his quests.

Elder tree- Age 567. Old and wise tree. Because he has been around for so long he has rooted into the ground. Now he is the bestower of power to the destined champions of the forest.


Ian a teen from a boring suburb gets lost on a camping trip. When he gets hungry he eats a piece of tree bark and surprised when a squirrel named Acorn brings him to a ancient forest man called Elder tree. Elder tree explains his destiny and bestows him with special powers and sends him on his Adventure to defeat the tree men.


When Ian gets lost and hungry he eats a piece of tree bark. Was it just normal bark or did he just open up an account destiny.



  1. Opens with Ian walking into the forest from the campground.
  2. Gets hungry and eats bark because he read it is a good survival food.
  3. Hears a voice and is surprised to hear it is coming from a squirrel.
  4. Acorn (squirrel) takes him to the Elder tree.
  5. Elder tree explains Ian’s destiny and the powers he has been given.


  1. Gets taught how to use his powers.
  2. Finds out his dad used to be a guardian of the forest but went missing.
  3. Gets given some gadgets made by forest pixies.


  1. Leaves on his quest.
  2. Asks Acorn about what he does.
  3. Gets to a cave that is owned by the lowest rank tree man, Birch.
  4. Ends there…

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