More models and environments (for when I was doing stop motion)


This was another little concept model I made for my original character design in stop motion. I made this into more of a little scene instead of focusing on detail.


This is the background I had created for a large majority of my shots. I made this by stacking a few different sized boxes for the mound. I then mixed sand and glue to make the gritty look. I applied this all over and used tape to make the mound less square and put more over that.

After this had dried I sprayed the whole thing with a dark brown spray paint and after this I went in and added green in chosen amounts. This was to create a mouldy/rubbish look.


Lastly, this is the model I had created for animating. Sadly it did not go the way I wanted it to do and between the model constantly breaking and the first filmed scenes getting corrupted I had decided to do it in 2D.

I made it by taking the arm of of a armature and using that as a body skeleton. I made the head from cloud clay (after failing with real clay) and added a metal strip as the antenna.

I definitely learnt from my mistakes in this and will make sure I mark this as a learning experience. Although I will not let it put me off of stop motion I will practice first before jumping straight into it again.


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