My final animation


After weeks on weeks of planning and also a medium change this is the animation I have created. Because of the huge time crunch I was left with after my large stop motion disaster I could only do the first 6 shots in rough.

Although I wish I had done more to it I am happy with how it currently is. The animation moves rather smooth and also the shots match up pretty well. Also when I watch it back it has a certain reminiscence of old cartoons. Mainly the way I used smear frames to create quick movements.

Obviously a lot went wrong through out the project. I will focus the what I should have done better just on the animation. Obviously there is the problem of it not being finished and also on top of that I feel some of the movement lacks centre. Its a bit jumpy at times and this creates confusion of the movements.

Learning from all that has happened I need to improve:

  • Time management.
  • Get rid of silly little distractions.
  • Plan more carefully.
  • Plan models better.
  • Buy the actual needed materials for my models.
  • Always back up my work as fast as I can.

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