Group animation part 2 (Hannah’s work)

Once I had finished my animation I passed it onto Sophie to fix the problems and get it ready for blocking/ final touches. Sophie gave her work to Hannah and Hannah gave hers to me.

Hannah’s animation (Play blast):

Good points- The basic animation is there and also the timing is on point with the reference video. Also most of the arm and leg movement was done so it only needed slight tweaking.

Critique -The biggest problem with this is that the base was accidentally animated. Because of this the animation slides around quite a lot and after deleting the keys on the base the rest of the animation changed. Also the arm movement snaps through the head but that wasn’t to hard to fix. It was just the elbow that needed to move.

Reference I was given:


Hannah’s animation after my edit:

Good points- I have managed to fix all the initial problems I had with the original. Also the movement of the arm is more fluent now that I animated the elbows.

Critique- The biggest problem with it now is the timing. Because I had to delete a few frames I seem to have messed up the timing.

I have handed it over to Sophie and told her the problems so hopefully she can fix the timing and also boost some of the movements.


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