Rigging Model part 2

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Firstly I picked up from the first parts by finishing the point constrains on the models controllers I created before. I then went on to create another control for the hip joint. This tim I did not attach it directly. I created an IK for the spine first. But I used the IK spline handle tool instead. This creates a IK and a curve. It makes multiple single control points through the spine. I then moved the pivot to the hip joint. You do this because it gives you the extra option for roll and twist on the channel box. I then point constrained and orient constrained it. But this time I only constrained X and Z. After this I got the connection editor open.

Secondly I loaded my hip control into the left box and spine IK into the right. I then looked for rotate in the left side and roll option in the right. I then connected rotate Y to the roll option. This not only connects the control of that IK it also makes for a smoother movement. I then made a handle for the chest. I then reloaded the left side of the connection editor with the chest control. I then connected rotate Y on the left side to the twist option on the right. I then dragged the two arm controls and put them under the chest controller. That way everything moves with it the way it should. I then moved on to create a ground control. I chose to snap to grid and then drew out the controller like and arrow. I did this by changing curve settings to 1 Linear. I then parented this to the leg controller and the hip controller so that this way everything follows it. I then went through some of the options on the channel box and hid the ones I want using. I then finished this part of by creating a control for the head.


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