Rigging Model part 3 (final)

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(Some of the pictures went weird and were in the files after I put them on WordPress)

Firstly I picked back up from my handle for the head. I orient constrained this to the head joint. I then parented this to the chest control. I then went on to create a layer for my controllers and a layer called Misc and added all the IK’s to it. I then hid the Skelton so it was easier to work in the scene.  I then created a short animation so i could check the deformation of the character as it moves. I then went to skin-> Edit smooth skin-> Paint skin weight tool. I then had a brush to paint on the weights. I then started to paint on the weights to smoothen out the head deformation.

Lastley I started to work on some of the other parts of the model with the paint on weights. I did the leg so it doesn’t just fold in half when it is moved. Also the same for the arms, feet, neck and any other areas that show any deformation. I then mirrored the skin weights so that the other side of the body was equal.


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