3D group animations part 3 (Sophie’s)

Now I had done the spline/ blocking on Hannah’s I gave that to Sophie to finish. I then got Sophie’s from Hannah to finish and all the files with it.

Reference footage:


Blocking video:


Hannah’s edit:

From the blocking to this you can see straight away its flaws and strengths. The flow of the animation is still there and also follows the original rather well. The biggest problems I had to overcome with this is the arm going through the head. You cant see this because of the export. The reason it did this is because the elbow control was not animated properly.

After I had edited:


Good points:

I managed to animate the elbow so it did not fold as much and also I think I have kept it rather close to the blocked version:


There was two big things you can see straight away with this. Because I had edited and tried to fix some of the controls that had not been animated before. The model wobbles a lot and the timing is a bit off. Also the other big problem I had was the head kept un-attaching and reattaching. This made it a lot harder to notice parts when you have a head flying around the screen.


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