Louise The Plea

As time was coming to the end we moved on from the fight and onto the Plea. Louise is the director and her idea is it opens outside a church. You go through the church into a room were a women is on here knees praying.


Louise- Character sketches, storyboard and keyframes.

Me-Editing and breakdowns.

Joe-Environments and in-betweens.

Dan- Environments.

Story boards:

The plea storyboard.png

The backgrounds:

church environmentScreen Shot 2017-05-26 at 00.55.39


After Louise had done all the Keyframes and got the environments from Joe and Dan and put them in the scene. Because of time sake I started editing what we had.

The Plea final:


It is a really cool idea and you can already see it taking shape from the storyboards to the current edit of the animation.


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