Showreel 2016-2017


Life drawings 5/10/2016


In this lesson of life drawing we did full body poses and had a lot more time to do them. The only twist was that we had to draw the head, spine, feet and hands first and then connect them last thing.

I think the first two (the top two) were the best ones because all though they are not perfect they are close in proportion to the real thing. Were as the last one I was not as keen on because the legs and the arms aren’t in proportion.

Life drawings 28/09/2016

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In this lesson we did the same task as we did last week. But instead of just the head and hands we had to do the head, hands, spine, ribs and waist.

For each drawing we had about 50 seconds. I can see a bit of improvement from last weeks but there was a couple that either the spine was to long or the pose did not match up to the pose that was done.

Life drawing 21/09/2016

This was our first Life drawing of the year. In this session Dan made us focus on only drawing the head, hands and the feet. We did this so we could understand body proportions and also to make us realise we need to get better at drawing hands.

We started of by only drawing hands and heads and we only got about 10 seconds for each drawing. We then went on to draw hands and heads again only that this time we had to focus on putting slightly more detail into the hands. For these we got about 20 seconds to map the pose and then draw it. Lastly we had to draw the hands, head and feet. We got about 50 seconds for these last couple of drawings.

Some of the drawings you may notice have hands and body. Dan told us to draw these in to see if our body proportions were close to the mark. A lot of my drawings were close to the right proportions but I still need to improve on them so I can draw a character in better proportions.