Showreel 2016-2017


Walk Animation

For this animation I decided I would do this in Maya as well as The Creep animation. Once again I started this by getting reference footage. This time I sourced it from Youtube as it is better laid out. I also did the storyboards of the keyframes in the animation.


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Reference footage:




Final Animation:


When I started splining this I was worried that it wouldn’t come out well but once I had started editing in the animation editor it started taking the shape of how I wanted it to be. The only problem I had with it was as it goes into the second step just because it seems to pause slightly before finishing the step.

Creep Animation

I decided to do my creep animation in Maya along with my walk animation. I started by filming reference footage for the animation and then created some simple storyboard’s for the keyframes.


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Reference footage:

After this I made the key poses in Maya. I decided to smooth it while animating just because I found it easier to plan out the next pose. And also so I could fix mistakes early and have an easier time later.

Smooth Playblast:


Final Video:


I think this went rather well and I followed my reference very closely. Also you can tell what the movement is because of how the timing works with the different poses. The only thing I would change is the speed difference in the first step and the second as I feel it moves to fast at the start.


My finished home alone part

This is my finished home alone shot for the animating to sound group work we was set. Sadly I don’t have any of the other files from my group as they are still working on them so I just edited the sound over the part that I have done.

It goes well over the sound clip but there is a few problems with it. The movement when he throws the can seems a bit to robotic and not exaggerated enough. And also I got the timing on the can hitting the guy wrong so now the can floats through the air until impact.


Joe Sykes The chase (Part 2)

We started on the task straight away. Dan Gilbey was making the script and writing our initial story idea.


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These are the storyboards I drew up for the chase. As this was a 3D animation and Joe wanted to make it close to a film style chase they were mainly focused on the camera shots than anything else. As I was drawing the shots out I would give them to Joe so he could het Keyframing/ animating straight away.

Joe Sykes playblast’s:




These are all the scenes playblasted out. It works really well although some of the timing need’s fixing but I can sort that out when it comes to editing.

I also did a quick edit of all these shots just to see how they peace together when I fully edit it.


Louis’s Backgrounds:

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Joe Sykes The Chase (meeting and roles)

After we had done Dan Gilbey’s animation we moved on to Joe’s animation.


A car chase scene. A police car is chasing another car through a built up city. After a short chase the normal car turns down a alley way and dupes the police car so that it can get away in the opposite direction.


Me- Editing and helping Joe with finding a car model to use and storyboard’s

Joe- Key frames and in-between’s.

Dan- Scripts, write up and helping with background’s if needed.

Louise- 3D environment/ background.

3D group work all final videos


This was the one I worked on last. From start to finish it has kept the same momentum and style. The movement is there but it could have done with a bit more tweaking and better timing. It wobbles rather a lot and although I tried to fix it the arm still looks like it goes through the head. Overall I would say this is the closest animation to the reference footage that was used.

Long Jump:

This was the one I started of with and did the blocking and planning for. I thought it come out rather well and is a lot smoother than I thought it was going to be from my blocking. It still has it’s problem’s like how it seems to bob up and down a lot more than it should and also it picks up speed and then loses it really quickly which takes away from the animation.

Shot put:

This is the one I did the blocking for after Hannah had key framed it out. It moves rather smoothly and looks better than I thought it would come out in the end just because there was a few problems with the keys. The only problem is that it is not very close to the original and lacks the intended effect. Although Sophie did a really good job of sorting out the release timing at the end.

3D group animations part 3 (Sophie’s)

Now I had done the spline/ blocking on Hannah’s I gave that to Sophie to finish. I then got Sophie’s from Hannah to finish and all the files with it.

Reference footage:


Blocking video:


Hannah’s edit:

From the blocking to this you can see straight away its flaws and strengths. The flow of the animation is still there and also follows the original rather well. The biggest problems I had to overcome with this is the arm going through the head. You cant see this because of the export. The reason it did this is because the elbow control was not animated properly.

After I had edited:


Good points:

I managed to animate the elbow so it did not fold as much and also I think I have kept it rather close to the blocked version:


There was two big things you can see straight away with this. Because I had edited and tried to fix some of the controls that had not been animated before. The model wobbles a lot and the timing is a bit off. Also the other big problem I had was the head kept un-attaching and reattaching. This made it a lot harder to notice parts when you have a head flying around the screen.

Rigging Model part 3 (final)

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(Some of the pictures went weird and were in the files after I put them on WordPress)

Firstly I picked back up from my handle for the head. I orient constrained this to the head joint. I then parented this to the chest control. I then went on to create a layer for my controllers and a layer called Misc and added all the IK’s to it. I then hid the Skelton so it was easier to work in the scene.  I then created a short animation so i could check the deformation of the character as it moves. I then went to skin-> Edit smooth skin-> Paint skin weight tool. I then had a brush to paint on the weights. I then started to paint on the weights to smoothen out the head deformation.

Lastley I started to work on some of the other parts of the model with the paint on weights. I did the leg so it doesn’t just fold in half when it is moved. Also the same for the arms, feet, neck and any other areas that show any deformation. I then mirrored the skin weights so that the other side of the body was equal.