Showreel 2016-2017


My final animation


After weeks on weeks of planning and also a medium change this is the animation I have created. Because of the huge time crunch I was left with after my large stop motion disaster I could only do the first 6 shots in rough.

Although I wish I had done more to it I am happy with how it currently is. The animation moves rather smooth and also the shots match up pretty well. Also when I watch it back it has a certain reminiscence of old cartoons. Mainly the way I used smear frames to create quick movements.

Obviously a lot went wrong through out the project. I will focus the what I should have done better just on the animation. Obviously there is the problem of it not being finished and also on top of that I feel some of the movement lacks centre. Its a bit jumpy at times and this creates confusion of the movements.

Learning from all that has happened I need to improve:

  • Time management.
  • Get rid of silly little distractions.
  • Plan more carefully.
  • Plan models better.
  • Buy the actual needed materials for my models.
  • Always back up my work as fast as I can.

Big background + Front Title

b baground.png

This is the bigger background that was used for shot 2 and 4. I mapped the same colours from the other backgrounds and also used the same skyline.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 01.30.05.png

This is the title screen/ logo I created for my character. I model’d it off of the actual recycle logo but added my own characters into it. This will be the opening to my final video.

Shot 5 with background +shot 6


Shot 6 rough:

SHot 5:

This is shot 5 after I had added the backgrounds to it. I like the separation the backgrounds create. Its very subtle but because the claw is in the sky part of the background and the character is in the lower part. It gives different size perspective.

Shot 5 Rough

This is the 5th shot of my animation roughed out. I like it because it has a old style cartoon feel with how he winds back before running off.

Backgrounds to put in the scene:

b shot 5.1.png

b shot 5.2.png

These are the backgrounds I am going to import into the scene. I recycled these from the shot 1 background. I did this because in both of these shots they are done in close up so there is not much going on in the scene.

More models and environments (for when I was doing stop motion)


This was another little concept model I made for my original character design in stop motion. I made this into more of a little scene instead of focusing on detail.


This is the background I had created for a large majority of my shots. I made this by stacking a few different sized boxes for the mound. I then mixed sand and glue to make the gritty look. I applied this all over and used tape to make the mound less square and put more over that.

After this had dried I sprayed the whole thing with a dark brown spray paint and after this I went in and added green in chosen amounts. This was to create a mouldy/rubbish look.


Lastly, this is the model I had created for animating. Sadly it did not go the way I wanted it to do and between the model constantly breaking and the first filmed scenes getting corrupted I had decided to do it in 2D.

I made it by taking the arm of of a armature and using that as a body skeleton. I made the head from cloud clay (after failing with real clay) and added a metal strip as the antenna.

I definitely learnt from my mistakes in this and will make sure I mark this as a learning experience. Although I will not let it put me off of stop motion I will practice first before jumping straight into it again.

Shot 1 in rough with background

This is my first shot on a coloured background. I did this so I could figure out the positioning for when he comes out of the ground and also so it doesn’t look like he goes over the metal tanker.

Background shot 1:

background 1 .png

As you can see it had to be zoomed in on quite a bit in the shot just to get the positioning correct.

Shot 3 and 4 in rough

Shot 3 in rough:

This is the rough shot of him picking up a picture frame from the ground.

Shot 4:

This is the rough shot of the scene were the claw first appears and gets the robots attention by bonking him on the head. The robot grabs his head and turns to see the robot.