Showreel 2016-2017


Find someone new!

For this we have been asked over the next week to look and find new and different artists. This can be physical or digital artists or both. The aim is to find new people and study there work so I can further my skill and knowledge of digital art.


Short Script practice- You’re Fired!

We had to write a short script on the theme of someone firing another person and how that would play out. We had to do this in a team of two and I worked with Joe Sykes from my animation class. We did ours as a kind of comedic short of a normal boss trying to inform a stupid staff member that has been let go/ fired.

The script:


After we did this we were told that we had to re-write it but this time. Its a family member or a loved one getting fired or is doing the firing. So for our one we did it so that the son is the manager of the company and he is firing his dad.



Synopsis for chosen idea

Scene 1: Opens with James sat on the edge of his bead while his alarm clock is going off. He stands up and walks to the bathroom. He then splashes his face and looks into the mirror for a while.

Scene 2: James is walking down the street to work and he sees the local homeless man (george) James hands George a £20 note and carrys on walking.

Scene 3: James is sat at his desk typing. A group of the office lads walk by his desk and knock his papers on the ground. The leader of that group says that James should watch were he puts his papers. As James goes to pick them up the same guy kicks some of them away and the group walks off laughing.

Scene 4: James is sat at his small table in his apartment eating some food. It then jumps to him layed in his bed staring out into no where.

Scene 5: Wakes up and does the same routine as he had in scene 1.

Scene 6: Sat at his desk doing his work. Notices a un-named email on his emails. He opens it and its a hate email.

Scene 7: Him walking home from work. Stops and gives George a £10 note.

Scene 8: Ends with the same routine as  like in scene 4.

Scene 9: Wakes to a knock on the door. Opens it and its a delivery man with a new stool he had ordered.

Scene 10: Does his normal morning routine but instead of staring into the mirror he is staring at the stool he had ordered.

Scene 11: On his way in he decides to give George some money again. When he gets to the spot George is normally in he is not there. He goes into the shop next to that spot and asks were he has gone. The shop keeper tells him that the night before George was on the way to the shop a young man in a hood came up to him and tried to take his money. When George did not hand it over the teen stabbed him and by the time the ambulance got there he had already bled out.

Scene 12: James is sat there still thinking about George when he suddenly feels tapping on his shoulder. He turns round and it is his manager.

Scene 13: James is sat in the managers office and tells James that he is getting let go.

Scene 14: James is sat in his flat eating dinner. He stands up and puts the song Time in a bottle.

Scene 15: You see a close up on James face as a single tear rolls down his face. He suddenly steps up on something while you are still close up and then it cuts.

Scene 16: A slow zoom on his front door as James (narrating) like he is reading a note. (you can still hear time in a bottle quitly in the background) after the naration is done and the cmera has panned around the apartment a bit all you can see is the stool in the middle of the appartment. With a shadow of feet on it slightly moving (swinging) FADE TO BLACK



My story premise ideas

What is a premise?

A: A short sentence explaining the concept behind a film/ show.

My Ideas:

  1. Man finds out that he has a child with his ex wife. The only problem is that she has moved to the moon. (based on a film I watched once. I believe it is called second earth)
  2. Three lads argue about who should get the last beer in the fridge. (Just a though I got from seeing how frat students are like in american films)
  3. Guy tells his other friend he had sex with his wife before plummeting into a volcano. (reminds me of one of tomskas short sketches)
  4. Women try to use her children as payment in a shop. (No explanation for this idea)
  5. Guy gets told he has a new disease that makes your arms grow really big and he gets told to name it.
  6. A man suffering from depression. And his last week before his demise. (I got this idea after watching the film Filth. Because of the twist at the end)

Script practice for crime show


We was asked to create a short script or part of script so that we could see what level of script writing we are at currently.

We then got in a group and did a group reading of our scripts and gave each other feed back. Everyone liked my script and said the story flows well and that its a very well laid out script. The only things they said I needed to change were a couple of typos and also to correct one of the sentences because it didn’t make much sense.

I then highlighted and annotated these changes.

Crime board


In this lesson we had to create a short story in a team, based on a short video we watched. This was mainly to get us all used to the fact that we will always have to be ready to work in a team and also to get us used to making up stories so that we can write scripts later on.

Our basic story was that her boyfriend was the one that killed her and that he had mental problems and a drug addiction. In our team my job was to make some notes to add to the pictures and other items that the team brings in. I also found the pictures and printed them of like photos and then I was the one that got the board all played out.

I thought that our team did very well but next time I would say we needed to compile more facts and also practice the presentation more.